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Logitech M590 Dual Mode Wireless Bluetooth Light Sound Mouse

Original price $60.00 - Original price $85.00
Original price
$60.00 - $85.00
Current price $60.00
Color: Black
1. You can move the mouse cursor between 2 computers, and even copy and paste text, pictures and files between 2 computers
2. It has gaskets and rubber wheels made of high-performance materials to reduce noise when sliding the mouse and rolling the wheel
3. Two thumb buttons provide you with more control capabilities when you need it
4. Wireless range: 10 meters
5. Battery life: 2 years
6. Battery: 1 AA battery (not included)
7. Sensor resolution: 1000DPI
8. Number of keys: 7
9. Mouse size: 103x64x40mm, receiver size: 14.4x18.7x6.1mm