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Logitech G913 Wireless RGB Mechanical Game Keyboard (GL-Clicky)

by Sunsky
SKU KB0223
Main Features
1. Slim and smooth aesthetic design, with a thickness of 22 mm, using aluminum alloy drawing panel, durable.
2. LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, get rid of cable bondage and create a clean competitive environment.
3. Trigger the low axis rapidly, and the speed is increased by 25% compared with the normal axis.
4. The RGB light is fully on, fully charged for up to 30 hours. When the keyboard power is less than 15%, the LED light will automatically prompt to ensure a good sense of game experience.
5. Unlimited volume scroll wheel and 4 special media keys provide you with simple and intuitive control functions.
6. Intelligent RGB glare technology can synchronize the glare effect projected with the game and support many mainstream game scenes. You can also extend the color by capturing the screen image, bringing immersive visual impact experience.

1. GL C mechanical shaft: light, strong rebound
2. Trigger key: 1.5mm
3. Triggering force: 50g
4. Travel distance: 2.7mm
5. Battery life: 30 hours (brightness 100%)
6. Size: 475 x 150 x 22mm
7. Weight: 1025g