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LIMEIDE T21 104Keys Wired Gaming Backlit Computer Manipulator Keyboard and Mouse Set, Cable Length: 1.4 m

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1. Interface: USB
2. Working method: photoelectric
3. Size: keyboard: 47x16.5x3.6cm, mouse: 12.5x7.5x3.8cm
4. Cable length: 1.4m
5. Connection method: wired

1. Support 19 keys with no impact
2. Multimedia buttons, easy to use and comfortable to operate
3. Suspended high and low keycap layout, comfortable to touch, comfortable and durable
4. Two-color injection molded keycaps to avoid wear
5. One key to master the cool backlight effect, add passion and challenge to the game
6. Ergonomic design, comfortable hand feeling
7. The splash-proof design, the keyboard bottom plate is equipped with quick drain holes, which can effectively drain liquids such as tea and beverages quickly
8. Big gear non-slip roller, quick response and accurate click