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Lenovo thinkplus Ergonomics Design Wireless Mouse (Black)

by Sunsky
Original price $228.000 - Original price $228.000
Original price
$228.000 - $228.000
Current price $228.000
1. Vertical right-hand ergonomic design, more conducive to fit the hand curve, more flexible operation
2. 6-key design, with forward / backward function keys, multifunctional with one hand control
3. 800/1200/1600, three-speed adjustable DPI, timely adjust your accuracy requirements
4. Can operate in a wide range, get rid of the wire bondage
5. The surface of the rubber paint is sprayed with a skin-like texture coating, which has a delicate touch and a firmer grip
6. Material: ABS
7. Battery: AAA * 2, 6 months service life
8. Dimensions: 123.74x68.21x62.35mm