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Lenovo LP40 Pro TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Noise Reduction Earphone (Black)

by Lenovo
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$11.95 - $11.95
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1. 13mm dynamic speaker, double vibrating tympanic membrane, excellent sound quality
2. After the first successful pairing, your can open the cover and connect back immediately at next time, no extra operation is required
3. Bluetooth 5.1, stable connection and low latency
4. With the charging case, 24 hours of long-lasting battery life
5. Fingerprint touch, support voice assistant
6. Semi-in-ear design, fits the auricle and is comfortable to wear
7. Ultra-small size, 2.8g for a single earphone, easy to carry
8. IPX4 waterproof, not afraid of sweat and rain splashing, suitable for sports
9. Headphone battery capacity: 30mAh
10. Headphone talk time: about 5-6 hours
11. Charging compartment battery capacity: 250mAh
12. Charging time: 1.5 hours
13. Charging port: Type-C