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KUDENG A9 Virtual AR Glasses Mobile Cinema 4K Ultra Clear VR Game Helmet

by Sunsky
SKU TBD01281405

1. Interpupillary distance: 48 mm
2. Effective focal length: 126.5 mm
3. Virtual image distance: 319 mm
4. Magnification: 2 times
5. Exit pupil distance: curved double mirror double focus
6. Optical axis entrance angle: 90 degrees
7. Interpupillary distance: 64 mm
8. Weight: 255 grams
9. Adapt to full resolution, magnify the field of view by 2 times, and play games flexibly
10. Protect eyesight, suitable for lying on the sofa or bed to watch movies, relieve cervical spine problems
11. Fully developed design, breathable front and back, reducing the dizziness caused by the closed design of VR glasses
12. Precise optical module, the display picture is corrected without distortion, making the viewing clearer