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Kecag KC-806 2A Retro Bluetooth Music Disc Album CD Player, Specification:Plug-in Version(Black)

SKU EDA003402001C
by Kecag
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$39.95 - $39.95
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1. Rated voltage: DC 5V
2. Rated power: 10W
3. Rated current: 2A
4. The way of placing the disc: cassette type
5. Speaker interface: 3.5mm audio cable interface
6. Material: ABS
7. It can receive Bluetooth, connect to mobile phone, and connect to AUX audio.
8. USB playback, remote control, fast and convenient.
9. Bluetooth mode, high-definition sound quality is immersive.
10. The dust protection cover design protects the movement and prevents damage to the disc.
11. Do not connect to TV.