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KALOC Computer Monitor Desktop Double Screen Air Pressure Lifting Bracket

SKU TBD06026628
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1. Material: aluminum alloy
2. Dual-screen splicing, efficiency upgrade
3. Three-axis rotation, free adjustment
4. Air pressure double screen splicing, care for the cervical spine
5. Adjustable angle, telescopic adjustment of sight distance
6. It can be clamped or installed with holes
7. Double-arm hidden beamline design, bilateral wiring, not entangled with each other
8. It can be rotated left and right, stretched back and forth, up and down, and can be switched between horizontal and vertical screens
9. Applicable monitor size: 17-32 inches
10. Applicable monitor hole spacing: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
11. Unit weight: 6kg
12. Single arm load-bearing range: 2-9kg