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by Joyroom

Joyroom JR-CY335 220V Smart Office Desktop Heating Thermostatic Mouse Pad, US Plug

SKU TBD0603067401A
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$18.00 - $23.00
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Color: Dark Gray
Option: 60x36cm

1. Input: 220V/50Hz
2. Power: 65W (60x36cm) 75W (80x32cm)
3. USB1/2 output: 5V/2A
3. Temperature control: 35-60 degrees
4. Timing function: 3 hours automatic power off
5. Rated voltage: 220v
6. Power cable length: 1.5m
7. Rapid heating, comprehensive heating, 5 seconds of rapid heating, the overall heating intelligent constant temperature, heating at all times
8. Range of 35-60 degrees centigrade stepless temperature control, fine human comfort warm feeling
9. Soft skin-friendly fabrics, office, NAP, learning a variety of use patterns, can be a long time skin
10. Upgrade the smart chip, intelligent timing security protection, automatic timing 3 hours shutdown, no security risks when working busy
11. Double USB output, convenient and neat
12. Made of pure cotton and hemp, fast heating, no odor, safe and durable
13. Rotating temperature according to one's heart, more free control and stronger control
14. Graphene heating, dual USB interface, thermal energy conversion
15. Digital display, intelligent temperature control
16. Rotate the sliding switch, the temperature is not limited
17. Superconducting heat energy, air purification, high efficiency and environmental protection
18. Accelerate microcirculation, long-term clean, healthy light wave
19. In the form of far infrared heat transfer, easy to be absorbed by the human body, so that people feel warm from the inside out, and does not affect the indoor temperature changes, constant humidity and comfort
20. Reject electromagnetic interference, flexible mouse not catdon
21. The back is made of PU leather, waterproof and dust-proof, safe and durable
22. The front side adopts pure cotton and hemp technology, gentle skin, heating without odor
23. The back is made of PU leather, waterproof and dust-proof, safe and durable
24. Size: 60x36cm/80x32cm
25. Weight: 440g/580g