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JOYO AD-2 Acoustic Guitar Floor Preamp DI

Original price $76.95 - Original price $76.95
Original price
$76.95 - $76.95
Current price $76.95
1. Input: 6.35mm
2. Input jack Balanced output impedance: 820mhn
3. Output: 6.35mm Ampere
4. Power output jack: DC 9V 100mA/ 9V 6F22 battery (both not included)
5. Working current: 8mA
6. Unbalanced output impedance: 1K ohm
7. Equipped with input signal level control knob, treble and bass correction knob, output level control knob, high frequency lift foot switch.
8. Equipped with 2 bandwidth adjustable balance, you can adjust the sound to suit your liking.
9. A high-sensitivity feedback suppression circuit is designed. Using a footswitch, musicians can quickly adjust howling frequency suppression.