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by Jonsbo

Jonsbo M.2-3 Solid State Radiator For NVME/SSD

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colour: Red

1. Material: aluminum
2. Heat dissipation method: drainage passive heat dissipation
3. With high-quality thermal silica gel, quickly conduct heat to avoid overheating and slowing down
4. Suitable for M.2 2280g solid state drive
5. Anode sandblasting process, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, not easy to get dirty
6. Diversion type upper heat sink, solid state drive (not included)
7. The heat sink under the shell, the overall heat dissipation effect is good
8. Striped lines at the bottom increase the heat dissipation area and quickly take away heat
9. Dimensions: 24.4x7.3x6.9 cm
10. Weight: about 80 grams

installation steps:
1. Tear off the thermal pad film and stick it in the bottom card slot
2. Put the SSD PCB into the card slot with the chip facing up
3. Adjust the position of the PCB to reveal the golden fingers and screw holes
4. Stick a thermal pad on the inside of the top fin (tear off the film)
5. After jamming one side of the card slot, press to fix it
6. If you need to disassemble, slide your fingernail along the seam to open it
7. Insert the motherboard slot
8. Fix the hard drive screws (included with the motherboard)
9. Installation is complete