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Iplay For Oculus Quest2 VR Handle Motion Rhythm Lightsaber(Red Blue 1 Pair)

SKU TBD0603824101A
by iplay
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1. Material: ABS
2. Product net weight: 152 grams
3. The upper and lower bottom covers of the handle are matched up and down, and the outer edge is extended to protect the handle from bumps
4. After installing 2 AAA batteries, wave the light, and the light corresponds to the color of the handle in red and blue
5. Simple and convenient loading and unloading, align the card position, install and play immediately
6. Applicable games: Beat Saber

Installation steps:
1. Unscrew the cover
2. Put two AAA batteries into the groove on the back of the lower cover
3. Put the bottom cover into the handle
4. Align the hole position of the upper cover and tighten the screws
5. Screw the translucent white lightsaber stick
6. Installation is complete

packing list:
- VR handle grip cover (red) x 1
- VR handle grip cover (blue) x 1
- Light saber (rod) sword body (translucent white) x 2 (Note: The product does not come with batteries)