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by Inphic

Inphic PM1 Office Mute Wireless Laptop Mouse

SKU TBD0546271602A
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colour: Metallic Gray
Option: Battery Display

1. Innovative design, can display the power level, and clearly and intuitively display the remaining power through the light
2. Intelligent sleep, more power saving, greatly reduced power consumption, 60 seconds without moving the mouse automatically enters sleep mode, the power indicator is off, and you can wake up by moving the mouse
3. Heart warm button mute, mute left and right buttons, rubber roller skates
4. Ergonomic design, skin-friendly feel, symmetrical curved surface design, better fit the curve of the hand, suitable for both hands
5. High-precision non-light tracing engine, good cross-over, precise and more efficient movement, and can be used directly on office desks, fabrics, and leathers.

Product parameters:
1. Connection mode: wireless (receiving head is connected via USB interface)
2. Size: 112x57.5x27mm
3. Weight: 63g
4. Wireless carrier frequency: 2402-2480MHz
5. Transmission distance: 10 meters
6. Battery capacity: 500mah
7. Power supply: USB/built-in lithium battery
8. Adjustable resolution: 1000/1200/1600DPI
9. Wireless working channel: 16 automatic frequency hopping
10. Applicable models: laptop
11. Built-in battery voltage: 3.7V
12. Working current: less than or equal to 10mA
13. Built-in large capacity 500mAh lithium battery
14. Operating system: Windows XP and above series, suitable for universal mouse system
15. Packing list: product, manual, packaging, charging cable