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HXSJ J800 6400DPI 7 Keys Adjustable RGB Light Mechanical Gaming Mouse (Silver Grey)

by Sunsky
Original price $69.000 - Original price $69.000
Original price
$69.000 - $69.000
Current price $69.000
1. Full-key 7 customizable macro programming.
2. Six-speed variable speed adjustable DPI (800-1600-2400-3200-4800-6400).
3. Professional game chip
4. Aluminum alloy 3D metal roller.
5. 1680 million color backlight multiple mode changes.
6. Mechanical design, comfortable skin feel.
7. DIY custom weight module. Mounted in the mouse counterweight tank, so that the operation has better stability and positioning accuracy.

1. Voltage rating/electric current: DC 5V / 100mA
2. Support Windows 2000 / XP / win7 / win8 /win10 Vista 32bit IOS or latest.
3. Switch life: 20 million cycle
4. Cable length: 165cm
5. Weight:154g
6. Size:13.6x7.8x3.8cm

1. Download the driver, please contact customer service, download it online..
2. When the mouse is successfully connected and used normally, the installation can be started.
3. After the installation is complete, the "J800" drive icon will appear on the desktop.
4. Professional game chip, using high-performance program control decoder chip for smooth motion and precise control.
5. Button settings For the 1-7 button (as shown), the drive supports custom settings.
6. DPI setting: default 800-1600-2400-3200-4800-6400 the Six-segment DPI value can be any section.
7. LED settings: always on, custom breath, spectral cycle, off.
8. Mouse parameters: You can set the pointer precision, wheel speed and double click speed.
9. Custom Settings: Custom macro editing that supports game effects.
10. When the settings are complete, click Applications and then click Save Configuration. You should start the driver again the next time you use it so that you can use all customizations Features.