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Huawei OPPLE Smart Eye Protection Desk Lamp Pro Automatic Dimming Anti-blue Light Learning Reading Light(Silver)

by Huawei
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$37.95 - $37.95
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1. Soft light relieves fatigue and cares for your eyes carefully.
2. No video flicker, using constant current light control technology, stable current.
3. Intelligent ambient light tracking sensor, which accurately captures the ambient light signal, and adjusts the light finely and evenly according to the dimming algorithm.
4. Huawei HiLink smart blessing makes light use smarter:
Long-time reading reminder: 45-minute care reminder to prevent children from overusing eyes
Statistics on the time spent with light: record growth bit by bit
Scientific reading time reminder: 25-minute Pomodoro reminder to improve concentration
5. Exquisite backlit touch buttons, sliding touch.
6. The aluminum alloy light pole adopts anodizing process, the texture is more delicate and exquisite, and it is corrosion-resistant.