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Huawei Dalen DL-01W Smart Desk Lamp 2i Blue Light Reduction Eye Protection Learning Reading Lamp(White)

by Huawei
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1. The color rendering index reaches Ra greater than 95, the color saturation is high, the details are more realistic, and the true color of the object is restored.
2. Unique three-dimensional light night light, one-click on the App to turn on the night wake up, set the sleep time, turn on the desk lamp and light up in the night light mode, the weak warm yellow light is soft and not dazzling, and it is intimate companionship.
3. Controlled by Huawei Smart Life App, 1-100% stepless dimming, and the brightness of the light can be adjusted at will.
4. Long press the power button, the table lamp brightness can be adjusted in three levels (dark-medium-bright) to meet the light demand of different scenes.
5. With the main light color temperature of 4000K and night light color temperature of 2700K dual light sources lit, the main light source is large luminous, and the irradiation area is wider. With the night light source, it emits up and down, and the 360-degree stereo light complements the light for selfies.
The skin tone is bright, and the selfie is more three-dimensional.
6. The constant current control technology is adopted to ensure the stable current. At the same time, the large-capacity filter filters out the ripple current that produces light strobes, so that it can be as soft and comfortable as the morning light under any illuminance.
7. Using high color rendering lamp beads with low blue light radiation, the color temperature is controlled within 4000K, and the blue light is reduced to a non-hazardous level, making it easy to work and study.
8. Connect to Huawei intelligent voice assistant for control, which is convenient and fast.
9. Double shaft structure, upper joint shaft 0~138 degrees, base shaft 0~102 degrees, flexibly adjust the illumination angle, evenly illuminate more angles, you can choose the illumination angle that suits your needs according to your height, sitting posture, etc.
10. Multi-joint folding design, can be folded into the size of a notebook, easy to store, simple and does not take up space.

1. Model: DL-01W
2. Material: ABS
3. LED specifications: 2835
4. Rated power: 8W
5. Lamp life: 50000H
6. Color temperature range: 4000K for the main body. Night light 2700K
7. Color rendering index: Ra is greater than 95
8. Dimming method: APP + touch control
9. Dimensions: 388 x 115 x 409mm
10. Weight: about 0.85kg