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HAWEEL 14W Ultrathin Foldable Solar Panel Charger with 5V / 2.2A USB Port, Support QC3.0 and AFC(Black)

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1. Solar power panels use Sunpower solar cells, which are much more efficient than ordinary solar cells.
2. Ultrathin and foldable design for more convenient carrying.
3. Equipped with voltage regulator, the voltage output is more stable and the charging is more secure.
4. Comfortable fabric, not afraid of the sun, not afraid of rain, charging without worry.
5. Connect directly to your device via the USB port.
6. Comes with a small pocket to keep the device safely stored during the charging process.

1. USB output: 5V 2.2A
2. Support DCP, QC 2.0, QC 3.0, MTK PE1.1/PE2.0, FCP, SCP, SFCP fast charge protocol
3. Solar panel max power: 4x3.5W
4. Solar panel size: 12.5x12.5cm
5. Size: 69.8x14.7cm (unfold), 14.7x14.7x3cm (fold)
6. Weight: 334g