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Goint IP68 Waterproof Convenience Metal Scanner High Sensitivity Underwater Metal Detector(Orange)

SKU TBD0603483801A
by Goint
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1. IP68 waterproof function, can be used for deep diving, can be used for deep detection of metal and coins under water, the indicator can be placed completely under water
2. One-button operation, easy to use
3. With LED indicator, can be seen in dim environment
4. 360 degree detection range: there are three sensitivity levels, with different audio and vibration alarms, can sense the different distances between the sensor and the object
5. 3 alarm modes:
- Audio mode
- Vibration mode
- Sound + vibration mode
6. Power supply: 9V battery (not included)
7. Operating frequency: 3kHz
8. IP rating: IP68 standard (can be submerged in water)
9. Size: about 25.8 x 4.5cm

Packing list:
- Metal detector x 1
- Battery cover x 2 (1 waterproof, 1 not waterproof)
- Leather case x 1
- Retractable hanging cable x 1
- User manual x 1