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Godox SL60IIBi 75W Bi-Color 2800K-6500K LED Video Light(EU Plug)

by Godox
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1. Stronger Output: The maximum output of the SL60IID and SL60IIBi at 1 meter with standard reflectors is 18,600 and 25,100 Lux respectively, producing impressive brightness. With 0 to full dimming, you can adjust the brightness precisely as needed.
2. APP Control: Besides operating via the panel or remote control, you can also use Godox Light to adjust the parameters of the light. The user-friendly control methods are great to help with your efficiency.
3. Easy to Carry: The more compact size makes it easy to carry, enabling you to respond comfortably to a change of shooting places.
4. Adjustable Color Temperature: The SL60IID is appropriate for people who place a high priority on brightness, while the SL60llBi, adjustable between 2800-6500K, is ideal for those who are looking to add moods.
5. More Silent Environment: Noise in the scene affects the performance of the video. The upgraded lights are much quieter to provide a more serene environment.
6. FX Effects: The SL60IID is available with 8 effects and the SL60IIBi comes with 11 effects. They make simulating scenes such as broken bulb, TV, and storm straightforward.
7. Flexible Angle: The adjustment angle of the light is flexible, allowing for easy lighting setup from all directions.
8. Bowens Mount: Suitable with any Bowens-mount modifiers, it fits seamlessly with the light shaper system of Godox. Feel free to create diverse light effects and unleash immense creativity.

1. Power Supply: 100V-240V~50/60Hz 0.7A
2. Power: Max.75W
3. CCT: 2800k-6500k
4. Channel: 32
5. Group: 16 (A,B,C,D,E,F,0-9)
6. ID: 1-99/OF
7. CRI: Greater than or equal to 96
8. TLCI: Greater than or equal to 97
9. FX Type: 11
10. Control Method: 2.4GHz Wireless/Bluetooth/Light Body Control
11. 2.4GHz Transmission Distance: About 30m
12. Bluetooth Transmission Distance: About 30m
13. Brightness Range: 0%-full
14. Working Environment Temperature: -10 degree C-40 degree C
15. Dimension: 140mm x 236mm x 215mm (unfolded without reflector)
16. Net Weight: About 1.5kg

Package List
1. Light Body x 1
2. Protection Cover x 1
3. Power Cable x 1
4. LED Reflector (Bowens Mount) x 1