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For Oculus Quest 2 Hifylux Q2-QF11 1pair Myopia Lens Frame Aspheric Resin VR Glasses Accessories(200 Degrees)

SKU TBD0603546601C
by Hifylux
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1. Aspheric resin lenses are thinner and more transparent than spherical lenses, providing realistic vision and more comfortable visual effects
2. Aspheric lens can reduce aberration and distortion, clearer and wider field of view
3. Precise mold opening, suitable for Oculus Quest 2 design, full-view non-destructive installation
4. The thickness of the high-strength frame is only 8mm, which does not touch the nose or the face, and also has a partial shading function, allowing you to indulge in an immersive gaming experience
5. Frame snap design, non-destructive and quick installation
6. Disassembly method: It is recommended to disassemble the frame from the inside of the eyepiece, which is easier
7. Applicable models: for Oculus Quest 2
8. Material: plastic frame + resin lens
9. Degree: 100/150/200/250/300/400/500/600 degrees
10. Net weight: 20g (a pair)
11. Gross weight: 92g