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For Oculus Quest 2 Hifylux Headset Adapter HTC VIVE Listening Smart Headband Connector(As Show)

SKU TBD0603546201A
by Hifylux
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$5.95 - $5.95
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1. Precise mold opening, easy to install your HTC VIVE smart headband for Oculus Quest 2
2. High-quality connectors, firmly locked: durable, and the connection is still stable after repeated disassembly and assembly
3. Hook and loop fastener connection strap, stable installation, free adjustment of length
4. Applicable models: for Oculus Quest 2
5. Material: plastic
6. Net weight: 22g
7. Gross weight: 30g

1. Before installing the hook and loop fastener strap, you need to take off for Quest 2 mask
2. The product only includes connectors, excluding other items of VR glasses