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For iPhone 14 Pro Max MOMAX MFAP22 Elite MagSafe Magnetic Phone Case

SKU EDA004377201
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1. With the built-in MagSafe magnetic suction module, the device fits perfectly with the magnetic suction accessories.
2. Automatic and precise alignment, maintain the magnetic force of the bare metal with the case, and support iPhone wireless fast charging.
3. Delicate leather touch and elegant texture reflect, slim and light, feel comfortable.
4. Multiple protections, full of sense of security, no longer afraid of accidentally dropping and bumping the phone.
5. The frame and camera are slightly raised to avoid wear and tear caused by daily scratches.
6. It does not block ports and speakers, easily adapts to models, independent metal buttons, and good sensory resilience.
7. Material: PC+true microfiber+PU+aluminum alloy