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For Insta360 X3 PULUZ Metal Protective Cage Rig Housing Frame with Silicone Lens Cover (Black)

Original price $39.95 - Original price $39.95
Original price
$39.95 - $39.95
Current price $39.95
1. Tailor-made for Insta360 X3, the material is aviation aluminum alloy, durable;
2. Small and lightweight design, easy to carry, and will not add extra burden to shooting;
3. Effectively protect the camera from falling and collision; increase the heat dissipation of the camera to prevent the camera from overheating and crashing;
4. Bring a camera lens silicone protective cover, which can effectively prevent the camera lens from being scratched;
5. The bottom has a 1/4 screw port or a mounting base, which can be connected to a tripod or a selfie stick;
6. With hex screwdriver, easy to install or remove;

Package List
1. Cage body x 1
2. Silicone protective case for camera lens x 1
3. Dock Adapter x 1
4. Mounting screws x 4
5. Hex screwdriver x 1
6. Carrying bag x 1