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For Huawei P40 Pro+ Qianli Mega-idea Multi-functional Middle Frame Positioning BGA Reballing Platform

SKU EDA004470307
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1. Strong magnetic universal base, various models for more expansions of reballing
2. Applicable to Mega-idea Multi-functional Middle Frame Reballing Platform Use with the base will update more models
3. Strong magnetic universal base with three strong magnetic magnet
4. Universal base for all models, a lifetime experience in one purchase
5. Replace and add up updated models for more expansions
6. Models keep updating, add up without limits, free from base replacements
7. CNC high precision one-piece machining, stable positioning of the motherboard, no slanting when reballing
8. Anti-slip foot pad of the base, two anti-slip silicone foot pads, avoid slippery during reballing
9. Detailed process in each step of reballing, secure clamping of the motherboards in high temperatures
10. Avoid the large area of mesh detaching at the same time, resulting in solder paste being carried away