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For Honda CRV 2007-2011 TROS 8-Drive Potent Booster Electronic Throttle Controller Speed Booster

by Sunsky
Original price $624.000 - Original price $624.000
Original price
$624.000 - $624.000
Current price $624.000
SKU EDA00156922
Product Main Features:
1. Shorten the response speed of the electronic throttle
2. Improve the electronic throttles sensitivity
3. Plug and play without external power supply
4. 5 modes: Comfort mode / Sport mode / Racing mode / Economy mode / Original car mode
6. Super bright LED digital display screen
Product Function:
5 Modes ( Each Mode have 9 Levels to Adjust except Original Car Mode) as Below:
Comfort mode:  Accelerate the throttle reaction speed, start faster, accelerate the flow.
Sport mode:  Increasing instantaneous acceleration and improving over bending performance, achieving better speed increasing effect.
Racing mode: Excellent acceleration performance is achieved, as if the car were racing on the track.  
Economy mode: Can get the best fuel economy car, fuel-efficient about 8%. 
Original car mode: Revert to original vehicle mode.