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For DJI OM6 / 5 / 4 / 4 SE Sunnylife ZJ561 Magsafe Adapter Phone Holder (White)

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1. Two-in-one design, one thing for multiple purposes. The base alone can be used as an Osmo Mobile magnetic adapter and in combination as a magnetic mobile phone holder.
2. The magnetic base is precisely adapted to the Osmo Mobile stabilizer, and it rotates freely without slipping.
3. Strong magnetic adsorption, one fit. No need for mobile phone clips, mobile phones are adsorbed in one second, and the magnetic force is full and not afraid of shaking.
4. Switch between landscape and vertical screen. Turn the dial to easily switch between horizontal and vertical screens, without repeatedly disassembling and installing the phone.
5. Can be shot handheld or used with a tripod and extension pole.
6. Suitable for iPhone12 and above mobile phones; Non-MagSafe models can be used with our magnetometric rings.

1. Model: ZJ561
2. Material: Magnet + plastic
3. Compatible models: for DJI OM 4 /4 SE / 5, Osmo Mobile SE/6, for iPhone 12 and above