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For DJI Avata Goggles 2 PULUZ Flying Eye Mask Silicone Protective Case(Black)

Original price $6.95 - Original price $6.95
Original price
$6.95 - $6.95
Current price $6.95
1. Silicone protective cover for the mask, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, to protect the contact surface of the face of the flight glasses from sweat/oil/cosmetic erosion.
2. Soft silicone, surface oil spray treatment, smooth and comfortable touch, experience a different flight journey.
3. Easy to replace, easy to clean, convenient and hygienic.
4. Real machine open mold, fit the mask to prevent light leakage, as if the bare machine as comfortable to wear.
5. High-quality safety material, comfortable to wear, durable, and safer to use