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For Cadillac SRX / XTS 2013- Sipeter Car Auto Electronic Throttle Accelerator Car Fuel Saver No Screen Simple Version

by Sunsky
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$203.000 - $203.000
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SKU EDA004573
1. The vehicle power boost module collects the optimized throttle sensor signal, reorganizes the optimized throttle signal to the ECU driving computer, changes the electronic throttle response speed, and changes the air-fuel ratio to make the engine burn more fully, reduce the engine carbon deposit Fuel consumption, increase vehicle torque, improve engine response performance, increase throttle sensitivity, and improve vehicle instantaneous speed increase.
2. The specified mode is not adjustable and the performance is increased by 25%.
3. Solve the throttle lag, instantaneous speed increase, shorten the acceleration delay, have a clear sense of pushback, and improve the driving experience.
4. Non-destructive installation, plug and play, without changing the original car line.
5. Suitable for Cadillac SRX / XTS 2013-.