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For Cadillac SRX / XTS 2013- Sipeter 11-Drive Automotive Power Accelerator Module Car Electronic Throttle Accelerator with LED Display

by Sunsky
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SKU EDA004646
1. The host is designed with digital signal control technology, and the shell is made of aluminum alloy. LED screen design.
2. Acceleration principle: The power boost module modifies the throttle signal through the digital signal controller to reduce the throttle delay, increase the sensitivity of the throttle valve, increase the intake air volume to improve the combustion efficiency, and increase the power without reducing the original car, reducing the engine Carbon deposits.
3. Solve the throttle lag, instantaneous speed increase, shorten the acceleration delay, have a clear sense of pushback, and improve the driving experience.
4. Non-destructive installation, plug and play, without changing the original car line.
5. Various modes are available: manual comfort P1H, sports P2H, racing P3H, automatic comfort P1A, sports P2A, racing P3A, overtaking mode SS9, fuel-saving mode EC, original car mode AOF, intelligent learning mode, anti-theft mode. Speed ​​up 45-80%.
6. Suitable for Cadillac SRX / XTS 2013-

Product Features:
SS9 overrun mode: One-click overtaking mode, long press 3S to display SS9A overtaking mode, enter overtaking state instantly, extraordinary power, overtaking is completed, long press MODE to return to the original mode.
P1H manual gear comfort mode: Speed ​​up the response speed of the throttle, start faster, manual gear shift acceleration is smoother.
P2H manual gear sport mode: improve instant acceleration, improve cornering performance and obtain significant speed-up effect.
P3H manual gear racing mode: Get super acceleration performance, make the car feel like entering the track.
P3A automatic gear racing mode: You can get super acceleration performance, so that the car has the feeling of entering the track.
P2A automatic gear sport mode: improve instant acceleration, improve cornering performance, and obtain significant speed-up effect.
P1A automatic gear comfort mode: speed up the response speed of the throttle valve, start faster, manual gear shift acceleration is smoother.
EC fuel-saving mode: fuel-saving mode for better fuel economy.
AOF original car mode: original car mode, restore the original factory control.
05H learning mode: It can make the original car and the power module more coordinated.
Anti-theft mode: The original car can get a secret, making the car safer.