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FANNER Ice Soul F14015 4PIN PWM Ultra-thin Chassis Fan Desktop Computer Radiator

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1. Hydraulic bearings have a longer service life than oil bearings
2. It is used for air-cooled radiators to enhance the cooling power of the power supply and ensure the power supply
3. Used for chassis ventilation, enhance chassis ventilation, and reduce hardware working environment temperature
4. Used for heat dissipation of power supply, strengthen the wind power of power supply heat dissipation, and ensure stable energy supply
5. Build an air duct, computer case convection heat dissipation: cold air is sucked in by the front panel fan, and hot air is drawn out by the rear fan
6. PWM intelligent temperature control Fully automatic PWM speed control, which can automatically adjust the fan speed with the system temperature
7. The aerodynamic and simple appearance can effectively reduce the edge airflow friction and improve the heat dissipation efficiency
8. 13 fan blades, the air volume can reach 54.5CFM at full speed based on the hydrodynamic design of the blade shape
9. Thickness is only 15mm, more suitable for compact space
10. Rated voltage: DC 12V
11. Rated current: 0.2A
12. Bearing type: Hydro
13. Noise: 26dB
14. Air volume: 54.5CFM
15. Speed: 300-1100RPM
16. Hole distance: 105mm
17. Size: 140x140x15mm
18. Weight: 92g