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by EMK

EMK Toslink Square Port to Square Port TV Digital Audio Optical Fiber Connecting Cable

SKU EDA00504601
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1. The use of high-quality optical fiber, strong transmission signal, the core is not affected by electromagnetic interference and radio frequency
2. Alloy shell, high-quality interface, durable
3. High-density wire, not easy to bend, soft and moderate, long service life
4. The square port has strong versatility to ensure smooth and stable signal transmission
5. Toslink uses optical fiber to transmit SPDIF signals with clear and transparent sound quality

Scope of application:
1. Audio connection between DVD, CD player and amplifier
2. Audio connection between computer and amplifier
3. Connection between PS 2, PS 3, HDVD and amplifier
4. Audio connection between digital TV set-top box and power amplifier