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by EMK

EMK Gold-plated TV Digital Audio Optical Fiber Connecting Cable

SKU EDA00505501
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Original price
$4.00 - $28.00
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Option: 0.5m
1. OD: 6mm
2. Choose high-quality PMMA fiber material, signal transmission is not interfered by electromagnetic and noise
3. Convex lens technology makes the port contact more fit, can focus the beam highly, reduce the time difference and distortion during transmission
4. The shell is made of aluminum alloy, which is more stable and durable
5. The exterior is made of high-quality nylon braided wire to protect the body, flexible and resistant to pulling
6. Dust protection caps on both ends of the joint are designed to prevent oxidation, rust and other situations
7. Confirm the device interface: the fiber interface is often marked SPDIF/OPTICA/OPT/Toslink, etc.