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by EMK

EMK GM/A8.0 Digital Optical Fiber Audio Cable Amplifier Audio Gold Plated Fever Line, Length:

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1. Fine sound quality, reduce interference, fine workmanship, standard interface
2. Into the Dolby surround technology, 250Mbit / s transmission bandwidth
3. High quality optical fiber, strong transmission signal, the core is completely immune to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency, the fiber heat-resistant temperature up to 135 degrees Celsius, the angle of light up to 60 degrees, to provide you with a transparent and bright shocking sound
4. Durable and pluggable interface, fast transmission, stable and accurate
5. Both ends of the fiber optic head, effectively reduce signal distortion
6. Scope of application: digital audio interface equipment connection, such as amplifiers, stereos, HD players, etc.
7. Beautiful shell design, enhance the cable anti-interference, strong and durable
8. Soft and flexible cable body, good bendability
9. High throughput, 5-10 times the bandwidth of ordinary optical fiber
10. 24K gold-plated head, carbon fibre copper housing, ultra-thick woven shield protection mesh, full fluorine resin fibre optic guide new, optical head end with dust-free spherical treatment
11. Sheath material: PVC
12. Avoid signal interference, reduce the audio signal interference around the equipment, sound quality is delicate, warm, low distortion
13. Highly polished convex lens fiber optic head, can highly focus the beam, reduce the transmission time difference and distortion, make the transmitted signal high fidelity audio and video more clear
14. High density wire, soft and moderate, easy to store and carry
15. Square port and other ports, universal, to meet most of the equipment with fiber optic interface suitable for use, to ensure that the signal is fast and stable transmission