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by Edifier

Edifier T5 Computer Multimedia Wooden Speakers, US Plug

SKU TBD05741296
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1. 8-inch large-diameter long-stroke unit, wide voice coil, large magnetic steel, powerful low-frequency sinking, good ductility, and large coverage
2. The low frequency can be submerged to 38Hz, creating a panoramic sound field atmosphere
3. DSP digital audio processing technology, high-power imported TAS5754 digital power amplifier chip, abundant power
4. The MDF wooden box can not only provide reliable support for the unit, but also reduce resonance interference and make the sound more pure
5. Black wood grain PVC veneer, exuding natural flavor
6. Frequency response range: 38-200Hz
7. Power: 70W
8. Cabinet material: wood
9. Audio input: analog input
10. Input sensitivity: about 50mV
11. Adjustment mode: knob
12. Power adapter: 60W / 20V
13. Signal to noise ratio: greater than or equal to 85 decibels
14. Accessories list: low speaker, audio cable, adapter cable, power cord, manual, warranty card
15. Weight: 11.5kg
16. Box size: 278 x 300 x 336mm