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DTECH RS232 Serial Direct Line DB9 Extension Line

SKU TBD0602455112
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Option: Female to Female 5m

1. Specification: 9 for 9 holes 30AWG
2. Outer skin: environmentally friendly PVC
3. Shield: aluminum foil
4. Connector: standard nickel-plated connector
5. Scope of application: notebooks, printers, microcontrollers, surveillance cameras, set-top boxes, industrial instruments, etc.
6. Wire diameter: about 6mm
7. Line length: about 1.5/2/3/5m

1. The plug is easy to pull out and insert, durable
2. Multi-layer shielding, more stable transmission, good shielding performance of aluminum foil, anti-interference
3. Wide range of applications, high compatibility, meet the needs of notebooks, desktops to connect various serial devices
4. Direct-connected DB9 industrial-grade double-shielded serial port cable, suitable for connecting a computer with a serial port interface to a serial port device, also suitable for an extension cable of a USB-to-serial cable, and supports RS232 serial port protocol
5. Nickel-plated plug design, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, good transmission performance
6. Environmentally friendly PVC outer skin, soft wire body, convenient for wiring and storage, durable