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DPVR E4 PCVR Gaming Helmet 4K Head Display VR Glasses

SKU TBD0537868
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1. Display: resolution 3664x1920/120Hz
2. Optics: FOV 116 degrees/Fresnel/pupillary distance 54-74mm adaptive
3. Sensors: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
4. Interface: DP1.4 x 1, USB 3.2 (data) x 1
5. Audio: 3.5mm standard headphone jack
6. Microphone: Built-in
7. Game compatibility: Steam VR
8. Ultra-light body, ergonomic design
9. 90-degree flip design, no need to take it off, switch to virtual reality in 1 second
10. Optimize high-frame images and support higher refresh rates
11. Directly connected to the computer through a cable, you can directly play VR games on the computer
12. Ultra-wide-angle light design, clear and immersive game playing in full view
13. Real-time switching of 72Hz/90Hz/120Hz frame rate, 4K ultra-clear picture and ultra-wide field of view
14. Active heat dissipation, quickly reduce the temperature of the fuselage
15. Stepless pulsator adjustment, the headwear is as tight as you want, and it is more convenient to fit
16. Dual-handle positioning tracking, millimeter-level positioning, ultra-low latency
17. Handle 50H+ super long battery life, powered by 2 2A batteries (not included)
18. Weight: 285 grams
19. Dimensions: 281x192x124.5mm

Packing list:
- Headset x 1
- Handle x 2
- DP1.4 4m cable x 1
- Charging cable x 1
- Grip wrist strap x 2