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DOBE TNS-2125 18 In 1 Somatosensory Sports Set For Nintendo Switch

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1. Motion controls will let you move and help you transform real-world movements into in-game movements
2. Easy to install and remove, you can easily slide your controller into place or remove it from the handle
3. Lightweight ergonomic design, suitable for all hand types
4. Tennis racket: suitable for switching Mario tennis games, support dual-purpose, with tennis racket appearance design, can enhance the game experience
5. Golf clubs: Compatible with golf games for Nintendo Switch
6. Enhance the gaming experience with friends and family
7. Applicable products: for Nintendo Switch
8. Material: ABS
9. Dimensions: 29.7 x 20.5 x 12.8cm
10. Weight: 1145g

Specifications include:
-.1 x fishing rod
-.1 x Sports Lightsaber
-.2 x Table Tennis Rackets
-.2 x handle
-.2 x tennis rackets
-.2 x racing wheels
-.2 x drum sticks
-.2 x golf clubs
-.4 x hand strap