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COOLMOON 12cm Dual Aperture Computer Mainframe Chassis Dual Interface Fan

SKU TBD0603402801A
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Color: Colorful

1. Material: ABS
2. Bearing type: hydraulic bearing
3. Noise: 25dB
4. Fan interface: big 4Pin + small 3Pin
5. Fan voltage: DC 12V
6. Fan speed: 1200PRM
7. Fan noise: 21dBA
8. Fan air volume: 37.5CFM
9. Fan life: 40000h
10. The fan supports small 3PIN interface and large 4PIN power interface, pay attention! Only one of them can be selected for access, and the two interfaces cannot be connected to the power supply at the same time to avoid short circuit
11. Support back wiring, wire length: 450mm
12. Add 8 shock-absorbing pads at the 4 corners to effectively reduce the resonance noise between the fan and the chassis, and work silently
13. Fan size: 120x120x25 mm
14. Product weight: 0.15 kg