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Chasing Leopard G700 USB RGB Backlight Wired Optical Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Set, Keyboard Cable Length: 1.35m, Mouse Cable Length: 1.3m

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Color: Black
Option: G700 Black
Keyboard features:
1. Click on the light to open the key, the middle panel full glare design, adding a dynamic and passionate atmosphere and challenge to gamers.
2. Suspension key cap is good for cleaning, mechanical hand feeling, laser engraved wear-resistant characters, feels good, long-term use does not fade, button life is more than 30 million hits.
3. The bottom of the keyboard is a whole substrate design. The key column bracket of the button is about 7mn higher than the panel. Usually the water will not flow over the key column, which ensures the safety of the keyboard and is waterproof to a certain extent.
4. Convenient mobile phone holder design allows you to put your mobile phone in the visible range, notification, phone no longer miss, play video, fun.
5. The steel plate panel is ergonomically designed to effectively relieve hand fatigue.

Mouse features:
1. Adopt optical engine, accurate positioning, fast response, and achieve millisecond button response speed.
2. Four-speed adjustable DPI, RGB colorful backlight.
3. The side flaps are non-slip and fit on the thumb for a player use.

Keyboard specifications:
1. Button life: More than 30 million clicks.
2. Product interface: USB interface.
3. Number of buttons: 104 keys.
4. Keyboard wire: 4-core anti-pull wire.
5. Disassemble the hand rest: support.
6. Supply voltage: +5.0V +/- 0.5.
7. Working current: 180mA.
8. System Requirements: Windows Vista/7/8.
9. Product size: 470x180x25mm.

Mouse specifications:
1. Ergonomics: Suitable for right and left hands.
2. Product interface: USB interface.
3. Number of mouse buttons: 6 keys.
4. DP1: 800/1200/1600/240DP1 four gears are adjustable.
5. Supply voltage: +5.0V +/- 0.5.
6. System Requirements: Windows Vista/7/8.
7. Product size: 132x70x35mm.