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BSIDE Z1 Smart Pen Multimeter Electric Pen Voltage Detector Without Battery (Black)

SKU TBD0602623501A
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1. Extremely fast measurement, intelligent identification
2. NCV non-contact induced voltage, two-color screen display, buzzer alarm sound
3. Line breakpoint detection, use the NCV function to induce voltage, find the normal place along the power line to alarm, the power failure induction becomes weak or does not respond
4. Automatic identification, live line/zero line distinction, breakpoint detection, sound and light alarm, on-off beep, automatic shutdown, NCV voltage detection, replaceable test leads, flashlight, etc.
5. AC voltage test, direct measurement after power on
6. With a non-contact infrared thermometer, the double insulating body material greatly improves the safety standard
7. High-brightness flashlight and light-emitting screen, can be used as auxiliary lighting in dark environment at night

1. Range: 0-500V
2. Resistance: 0-2 megohms
3. Frequency: 40-400Hz
4. Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included in shipment)
5. Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes
6. On-off buzzer: the measured resistance is less than 50 ohms, the buzzer sounds
7. Dimensions: 22 x 22.5 x 188mm
8. Net weight: 52g

Packing list:
-.1 x host
-.1 x Chinese and English dual instruction manual
-.1 x test lead
-.1 x screwdriver
-.1 x box