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BAKU BA-2201 Digital Multimeter Electrician Maintenance Resistance Tester(Green)

SKU TBD0603332801A
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1. Automatic identification: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, on/off, frequency
2. Manual switch: diode, capacitance, temperature, zero-fire line identification
3. AC/DC voltage: 0-600V
4. AC/DC current: 0.2-10A
5. Capacitance: 0-60mF
6. Resistance: 0-60m Ohm
7. Frequency: 40-1000Hz
8. Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (not included)

1. Easy to carry, thin and light body does not take up space, easy to fit into the pocket
2. High-performance electronic components to ensure the safety and accuracy of the product
3. The body uses environmentally friendly materials, fire retardant
4. Built-in flashlight function, easy to adapt to various light environments
5. NCV induction voltage, three-color analog bar display, more accurate induction
6. Automatic measurement, the range is easy to operate, automatic switching and resolution, the range dial times less