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Apexel APL-MS008 Circuit Board Detection Amplification Delay Photography HD Microscopic Lens With Screen(Black)

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1. Note: The product only includes a microscope lens, not including other mobile phones
2. Field of view: 2.3mm
3. LCD screen size: 2.0 inches
4. Optical zoom factor: 2 times
5. Storage medium: Microsd (TF) card (not included in the product)
6. Auxiliary light source: 6 LED ring fill light
7. Display resolution: 320 x 240
8. Power supply mode: Type-C/USB-C charging / built-in lithium battery
9. Battery capacity: 700mah
10. Charging input: 5V 1A
11. Battery life: 2.5 hours
12. Cycle photo: off/5 seconds/10 seconds/30 seconds/5 minutes/10 minutes/30 minutes
13. Continuous shooting mode: 1-5 photos
14. Sensor type: CMOS
15. Sensor pixel: 1 million
16. Object to image ratio: 1:1.9
17. Video: 720P/30FPS, VGA/30FPS
18. Material: ABS+PC
19. Size: 58x58x160mm
20. Weight: 135g

1. High-definition screen display, photo and video recording, high-definition high-power, digital intelligent adjustment
2. 2-inch high-definition color screen, comfortable to watch, not tired after watching for a long time, protect eyesight
3. Small and portable, dual-use indoor and outdoor, small in size, light in hand, can be held in one hand
4. Microcosm, applied to various industry needs
5. Suitable for outdoor observation, teaching demonstration, skin detection, biological observation, circuit observation, coin observation
6. Digital zoom in and zoom out, take pictures and record videos, one-button smart fill light, easy to operate and easy to use
7. Self-contained photo and video recording, recording and sharing
8. High-definition imaging, 1-5 levels of zoom adjustment, pollen particles are clearly visible
9. Multi-layer coated lenses can effectively improve the clarity and color saturation, and the microscopic effect is high-definition and delicate
10. Equipped with 6 LED fill lights, the brightness is uniform, the image is clear and bright, and it can be clearly observed in a dim environment
11. Long battery life, convenient for outdoor travel
12. Support the scalp, real-time transmission of computer display, or read the picture information in the card, the large screen experience is more comfortable, and it is convenient for multiple people to share
13. Stable anti-slip pull clip, multiple protection designs, no damage to the phone, no damage to the lens, no pressing buttons, easy to use
14. Manually adjust the focus ring until the screen image is clear and the non-slip vertical lines are smooth and sensitive
15. The screen can be adjusted at a 75-degree angle, ergonomically designed, and the viewing angle can be adjusted freely to avoid cervical spine pressure
16. Support 32G memory card, support picture and video storage, easy to record and analyze to computer and other equipment for viewing

Packing list:
-1x microscope
-1 x tarpaulin bag
-1 x Type-C/USB-C charging cable
-1 x instruction manual
-1 x mirror cloth
-1 x packing box