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Apexel APL-36XJJ020 36X HD Telescope Universal Telephoto Phone Lens + Clip + Tripod Set

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1. Number of lenses: 8 pieces in 5 groups
2. Coating: multi-layer coating
3. FOV: 5.3 degrees
4. Optical magnification: 36X
5. Width of clamping mobile phone: 66-95mm
6. Prism type: Schmidt roof prism
7. Prism material: K9
8. Lens material: aluminum alloy
9. Details: objective lens, eyepiece, 48mm telephoto metal fixing ring, textured non-slip focusing ring, lotus-shaped lens hood
10. Lens interface: M17 P0.75
11. Focusing range: more than 5 meters
12. Lens size: 51.5x199mm
13. Stand storage size: about 22x4.3cm
14. Weight: bracket: 202g, lens: 238g
15. Note: the product does not contain other mobile phone items

1. 36X high-definition telephoto, clear low-light night vision, wide field of view, stable and clear without shaking, light and portable
2. The shooting distance is more than 5 meters, as far as the distant view of the moon, high-definition shooting
3. With the eyepiece eyecup, it can be transformed into a telescope in seconds
4. Multiple usage modes, handheld, visual, and standable
5. Multi-layer coated lenses, high-transparency prisms, and a wide field of view ensure bright and clear imaging, color reproduction, and a wide field of view
6. Small and light, flexible to follow the shot
7. Fixed-point shooting, stable and clear, suitable for long-term shooting
8. Alloy forged mirror body, long service life, simple and elegant appearance
9. Matte texture, anti-sweat, anti-skid, anti-fingerprint
10. Lens multi-layer coating, color reproduction without distortion
11. 36mm objective lens, both lightweight and good light transmission
12. High-transparency prism, sharp and transparent imaging without vignetting
13. Focus ring, rotate to focus to make the picture clear
14. The tripod is stable, the support is strong, the lens is stable and does not shake, and the shooting picture is clear and does not shake
15. Supporting professional outdoor tripod, portable travel, wide versatility
16. Multifunctional stretch clip, not limited to models, widely compatible
17. The inner side is inlaid with silicone strips, which is stable and non-slip protection, does not hurt the mobile phone, and does not press the buttons
18. Equipped with a lens protection bag to protect the lens and make it easy to carry
19. The magnification is 36 times, all-metal mirror body, optical glass coating + BK4 prism combination, high-definition resolution, clear relative illumination, good light transmission effect of Datong light prism; universal detachable screw fixing, suitable for most smartphones, operations simple and convenient

1. Align the thread on the back of the lens with the metal part of the dual-lens patent clip, rotate and tighten to stabilize the lens
2. Separate the dual-lens patent clip with the lens installed, and separate the black gasket from the back of the lens to the available width of the mobile phone, so that the clip can be firmly fixed on the mobile phone
3. After the lens is fixed on the mobile phone, it is necessary to manually adjust the focus of the lens and the mobile phone to effectively ensure the image quality and take pictures that you are satisfied with (Note: This step requires your patience)

-1 x HD telephoto lens
-1 x metal bracket + small head
-1 x dustproof lens cap
-1 x 48mm telephoto fixing ring
-1 x multifunctional stretch clip
-1 x eyepiece eyecup
-1 x telephoto lens cloth bag
-1 x instruction manual
-1 x mirror cloth
-1 x packing box