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by Ajazz

Ajazz AK35I 110 Keys White Light Backlight PBT Keycap Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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Option: Green Shaft (White Gray)

1. Durable and polished textured PBT light-transmitting keycaps, using two-color injection molding process, using PBT-made light-transmitting keycaps, durable and non-oily, with a more textured appearance, and the matte layer design makes the keycaps less likely to stick to sweat
2. The outer frame of the keyboard adopts CNC aluminum alloy high-gloss trimming process
3. CNC aluminum alloy high-gloss trimming, smooth and visible
4. Metal panel with metal critique logo, monochromatic glare light
5. The two-color keycap is not worn, and the ergonomic stepped keycap curve
6. Professional e-sports construction, support full-key non-retouch/six-key non-repeat switching
7. Independent performance optimization key, more convenient operation
8. Gold-plated USB interface, anti-interference magnetic ring
9. The big key adopts the satellite shaft, which can adjust the sole of the foot
10. Using PCB double-layer motherboard scientific space wiring, with a proud shielding rate, 1000HZ report rate, 1mS processing response
11. 104 key no punching performance in USB mode

1. Number of keys: 104+6 (special keys) keys
2. Product wire: anti-interference shielded braided wire
3. Interface: USB interface with magnetic ring
4. The number of no punches: switch between full key no punches/six-keys no punches
5. Button type: black switch/green switch/red switch/brown switch optional
6. Key life: greater than or equal to 50 million times
7. Button travel: 40mm
8. Type of use: competitive games, office design
9. Dimensions: 400 x 150 x 36mm
10. Weight: 1130g