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12V Electric Winch Wireless Controller(Black)

by Sunsky
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SKU S-CMS-1606
1) This product includes a wireless remote control and receiver controller, firing frequency of 315MHz, the control range of more than 25 m, mainly used in electric winch wireless control

2) Wireless remote control parameters

1. Working voltage: DC12V

2. The working current: 25mA ± 5mA

3. The transmitting frequency: 315MHz

4. The transmit power: 10dBm

5. Power: 1x23A/12V battery (not included)

3) Receiver controller performance parameters

1. Working voltage: the DC 10V ~ 15V

2. Operating Current: 35mA ± 5mA

3. The receiving frequency: 315MHz.

4. Receiver sensitivity: better than-106dBm

5. The maximum drive current of 10A

60The working environment temperature: -20 ℃ - 85℃

4) Function and wiring instructions

1. Hold down the OUT button on the remote control: motor forward, release the motor stops.

2. Hold down the IN button on the remote control: motor reversal, release the motor stops.