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12cm Cooling Fan

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Option: XIN RUI FENG XRF12038HASL 110V Oil Bearing

1. All-copper movement, strong air flow, durable, high speed stability
2. Pure copper wire movement, high temperature resistance, stable operation and long life
3. High-strength and thickened fan blades. The fan blades adopt a one-time injection molding process, which is not easy to deform and break. The unique design of the fan blades makes the contact area larger, the air volume is larger, and the heat dissipation effect is good.
4. Aluminum alloy casting frame The aluminum alloy casting frame is used, high hardness/light weight, smooth surface, corrosion resistance and impact resistance
5. Sleeve bearings with sliding friction use lubricants and drag reducers in the sleeves, long-term use of oil seals, volatile lubricants, and low noise
6. Scope of application: heat dissipation of mechanical equipment
7. Number of blades: 5
8. Noise: 45 decibels
9. Air volume: 117CFM
10. Wind pressure: 0.39Inch-H2O
11. Voltage: 110/220/380V
12. Motor power: 21W
13. Current: 0.12-0.14A
14. Speed: 2600R/MIN
15. Blade material: PPT plastic
16. Blade diameter: 105MM
17. Size: 120x120x38MM
18. Weight: 0.45KG