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by Gateron

10 PCS Gateron G Shaft Black Bottom Transparent Shaft Cover Axis Switch, Style:

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Option: G3 Foot (Tea Shaft)

1. Black bottom shell, transparent shaft cover, support two-pin lamp beads, such as 234 round lamp beads, square lights are supported, do not support RGB four-pin lamp beads
2. Material: ABS
3. Interface: USB
4. Black axis, corresponding to cherry black axis, triggering force 60g, bottoming 80g
5. Red axis, corresponding to cherry red axis, trigger strength 45g
6. Blue axis, corresponding to cherry blue axis, trigger strength 60g
7. Tea shaft, corresponding to cherry tea shaft, trigger strength 55g
8. Green axis, corresponding to cherry green axis, trigger strength 70g
9. Weight: about 1.5g